BicycleHero Reward and Points

BicycleHero Points & Rewards Policy


Want to receive a discount or coupon code from BicycleHero? Go ahead! Every purchase, review, subscription and so on brings you certain amount of money that can be spend on your purchases at BicycleHero store. Buy a item or items and get money in reward!


How it works?


All registered customers receive money after certain activity in BicycleHero. Read news, buy items, write reviews and make money. Every action adds funds to your balance. You can spend this money on extensions or additional services buying.


Money is being rewarded according to the following table:


 Each $50 spent $1
 Registration at BicycleHero $1
 Review purchased BicycleHero Items $1
 Subscription to aheadWorks newsletter $1


All rewards are being summed up, e.g. Unused points expire after 365 days from the date of reward.

From time to time we carry out discount campaigns for certain extensions and offer special discount coupons for BicycleHero products.