SuperB TBA 9000 Bike Mechanic Tool Work Tray Station

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Product Description


1st Layer


TB-FW30 - Freewheel remover

TB-FW20 - Freewheel turner

TB-HB50 - Multi hook

TB-BB10 - Bottom bracket wrench

TB-CP15 - Freewheel remover & bottom bracket tool

TB-BB30 - Cartridge B.B. tool

TB-8911 - Crank installation tool


TB-7305~7345 - T-shape key wrench.


3/4/5/6/8/10mm(ball end)

2nd Layer


ZB-12 - CRV (1-12” Adjustable wrench)

TB-1045 - Freewheel remover

TB-1095 - Freewheel remover

TB-1060 - Cartridge B.B. tool

TB-1005 - B.B. wrench

TB-1065 - Cartridge B.B. tool

TB-1020 - Freewheel remover

TB-7253 - 1/2” Dr. bit socket H10 for Campagnolo®

TB-8208 - Combination wrenches: 8mm

TB-8209 - Combination wrenches: 9mm

TB-8210 - Combination wrenches: 10mm

TB-8211 - Combination wrenches: 11mm

TB-8212 - Combination wrenches: 12mm

TB-8213 - Combination wrenches: 13mm

TB-8214 - Combination wrenches: 14mm

TB-8215 - Combination wrenches: 15mm


TB-HS30 - Headset wrench: 30*32mm

TB-HS40 - Headset wrench: 36*40mm

TB-BB20 - Double-ended bottom bracket lock-ring hook spanner

TB-WR10 - Double-ended wrench: 8*10mm

TB-WR11 - Double-ended wrench: 9*11mm

TB-HB32 - 32mm Headset wrench and 15mm pedal wrench

TB-HB36 - Headset wrench: 32*36mm

3rd Layer


TB-PD10 - Professional pedal wrench

TB-MW50 - Multi-function pedal wrench

TB-TH10 - T-shaped wrench

TB-TH20 - Multi-wrench

TB-CR10 - 2 in1 Cotterless crank tool

TB-YY05 - 2/2.5/3 mm Hex key wrench

TB-YY10 - T25/ T30 / T40 Torx wrench

TB-YY15 - 4/5/6 mm Hex key wrench

TB-TH30 - Hex wrench set



TB-HB13 - Professional hub cone wrench: 13mm

TB-HB14 - Professional hub cone wrench: 14mm

TB-HB15 - Professional hub cone wrench: 15mm

TB-HB16 - Professional hub cone wrench: 16mm

TB-HB17 - Professional hub cone wrench: 17mm

TB-HB18 - Professional hub cone wrench: 18mm

TB-HB19 - Professional hub cone wrench: 19mm

TB-8912 - Use for Campagnolo® cartridge bottom brackets.

TB-MW40 - Rotor truing fork

4th Layer


TB-1901 - Frame taps: 3mm*0.5

TB-1902 - Frame taps: 5mm*0.8

TB-1903 - Frame taps: 6mm*1.0

TB-1904 - Frame taps: 10mm*1.0

TB-1905 - L&R –Pedal taps: 1/2”*20

TB-1906 - L&R- Pedal taps: 9/16”*20

TB-4585 - Inner cable puller

TB-WC30 - Professional cable cutter

TB-CC20 - Chain rivet extractor, for 9, 10 speed chains

TB-CC30 - Chain rivet extractor, for 11 speed chains

TB-3326 - 2 in 1 Chain checker and chain hook function

TB-1103 - Replace pins set for chain rivet extractor

TB-3370 - Chain rivet extractor: for 8, 9, 10 speed chains


TB-5540 - Spoke wrench, for 0.127” nipple(black)

TB-5550 - Spoke wrench, for 0.130” nipple(green)

TB-5560 - Spoke wrench, for 0.136” nipple(red)

TB5596 - Mavic® spoke wrench

TB-TL20 - Professional tire levers

TB-5501 - Areo spoke key

TB-5517 - Spoke wrench,4.3*4.4mm

TB-5518 - Mavic® spoke wrench

TB-7518 - Screwdrivers,Phillips 0, length 75mm

TB-7528 - Screwdrivers,Phillips 2, length 100mm

TB-7538 - Screwdrivers,Slotted 3, length 75mm

TB-7548 - Screwdrivers,Slotted 6, length 100mm

TB-7811 - Nipple tools: hex 4.8mm

TB-7812 - Nipple tools: hex 5.5mm

TB-7814 - Nipple tools: square 3.2mm

TB-7815 - Nipple tools: slit(-) with pin

TB-5568 - Tire lever,Set of 3 piece

5th Layer


TB-1130 - Start nut setter

TB-1100 - Pu-hammer

TB-1108 - Measure tape

TB-1162 - Spoke bearing and crank cotter gauge

TB-1169 - Oversized tube cutting guide

TB-1925 - Crown race remover


TB-1711 - Folding brush

TB-1708 - Bike brushes

TB-1709 - Bike brushes

TB-1710 - Bike brushes

TB-3208 - Cleaning set

6th Layer


TB-1930 - Wheel alignment gauge

TB-1161 - Hacksaw

TB-1161A - Replacement part,hacksaw blade for cutting carbon

TB-TW20 - 1/4” Dr. torque wrench & bit socket set

TB-4515 - 1-6”Diagonal cutting nippers

TB-4518 - 1.7”Combination pliers

TB-4520 - 1.8”Long nose pliers

TB-4525 - 1-10”Waterpump box joint

7th Layer


TB-TW30 - 3/8” Dr. torque wrench & & bit socket set

TB-1935 - Bearing cup press

TB-1936 - Head cup remover

TB-1310 - Heavy duty shop apron


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SuperB TBA 9000 Bike Mechanic Tool Work Tray Station

SuperB TBA 9000 Bike Mechanic Tool Work Tray Station. 1st Layer A1: TB-FW30 - Freewheel remover TB-FW20 - Freewheel turner TB-HB50 - Multi hook TB-BB10 - Bottom bracket wrench TB-CP15 - Freewheel remover & bottom bracket tool TB-BB30 - Cartridge B.B. tool TB-8911 - Crank installation tool...

  • Price: $3,221.93 - In stock
  • Brand: SuperB

Additional Info

Additional Info

Bike Type No
Weight(g) 22000.0000
Condition New
Brand SuperB
Speed N/A
Travel N/A
Stem Angle Degree N/A
Range N/A
Main Color N/A
Front Derailleur Type N/A
Tire Size N/A


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